How Can You Choose Reliable Fire Door Gap Fillers For Your Business?

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Your commercial building must have certain safety protocols to protect workers and visitors. For instance, it is advisable to install fire doors to mitigate the effects of a fire outbreak. Moreover, these doors should have minimal spaces to further prevent smoke and fires from seeping from one room to the next. However, these gap sizes can increase after using your doors for some time or changing the floors. So, if you don't want to break the bank installing new fire doors, the best solution is to install gap fillers. Here are some factors to consider if you want to install fire door gap fillers in your commercial building.

1. Analyze the Size of the Openings

One mistake business owners make is choosing a gap filler without taking measurements of the openings. However, a gap filler that is too snug on your doors could make it difficult to open and close the fire doors. On the other hand, gap fillers that are too small will not cover the openings properly and will allow smoke and flames to pass through the sides of the door easily. That's why it is important to take accurate measurements of the gaps to get the ideal fit. The best way to get correct measurements is by hiring a skilled contractor.

2. Choose Compliant Gap Fillers

The authorities always set certain regulations and laws for any features meant to improve people's safety. Therefore, avoid purchasing your fire door gap fillers without understanding the regulations set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Otherwise, you will likely fail your annual safety inspection, forcing you to spend more money on new gap fillers. So, it is best to get your gap fillers from companies that note their NFPA compliance. That way, you can be sure that the gap fillers you purchase meet the set standards.

3. Consider Where You Will Place These Fillers

When choosing a gap filler, it is important to consider whether you will place it indoors or outdoors. Remember that every door in your building has unique features and applications. For instance, the main door that provides outdoor access will have the gap fillers installed outside. Therefore, such gap fillers may need weatherproofing to ensure long-term service. On the other hand, indoor fillers may work efficiently without further protection.

Choosing the right fire door gap fillers for your commercial building is challenging. You need to consider various factors, from the size of the openings to where these gap fillers will be installed. Therefore, it is best to seek guidance from experienced contractors to ensure you choose the right gap fillers.

For more information on fire door gap fillers, contact a company near you.


23 January 2023

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