Water Well Services: 2 Signs Your Water Well Needs Maintenance Services

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Water wells are the go-to solutions for people who don't have access to water supply lines. Nonetheless, water wells are prone to incurring several issues that can contaminate or reduce their water supply. For instance, your well can encounter reduced water yield or start yielding murky water. 

The issues mentioned above are but a few of the problems your water well can incur. As a result, when your water well starts developing such issues, it is usually a sign you need to schedule a water well maintenance service. 

Here are two of the most common signs that you need to schedule water well maintenance services. 

Reduced Water Yield

In most cases, a water well encounters reduced water yield due to two main reasons. The two reasons are incrustation and bio-fouling. 

Incrustation refers to the over-accumulation of calcium and iron deposits along the well's screen, casing, or liner. A water well's screen, liner, and casing are porous, and thus they allow water to seep into the well from an aquifer or underground water table. However, an over-accumulation of mineral deposits compromises the porous nature of the well. As a result, the water ceases to seep into the well resulting in a low yield. 

Bio-fouling occurs when bacteria and iron particles form a viscous substance that covers the pores of the well's casing and liner. High viscosity leads to a thick and sticky consistency. The viscous material contributes to low yield by preventing water from seeping into the well. 

If you ever encounter gradual low water yielding from your well, you should schedule a water well maintenance service. Water well maintenance contractors have several techniques for eradicating incrustation and bio-fouling.

Dirt and Sand Particles in the Water

A well's screen prevents dirt or sediment particles from contaminating your well water. If your well draws water from an aquifer saturated with sand particles, the screen can corrode. Corrosion occurs when sand particles in the water brush against the screen at high speeds due to pumping. 

Over time, the sand particles create large tears in the screen that allow dirt and sand particles to contaminate your well water. As a result, water from the well appears murky and contains sand particles. 

Neglecting the murky water can be an expensive mistake because the sand particles can also cause damage to your pump. As soon as your well water turns murky, schedule a well water maintenance service to rectify the worn-out screen. 


24 May 2022

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