Execute A Commercial Tool Maintenance Program

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Overworking an electrical tool can dull blades, weaken batteries, and place friction against materials that are essential for a tool to operate properly. A commercial tool maintenance program will help you take care of your tool collection. Maintenance techniques should include basic upkeep and some professional services.

Usage Within Your Facility

If you use your tools to earn a living, you may own a collection of power and hand tools that you have become dependent upon using each day. As your collection grows, your storage needs may need to be adjusted. Separating your tools by type and creating a master list that includes a title and description of each tool can help you keep your tools organized.

First, assess the amount of tool storage that you currently have. Upgrade your toolboxes and chests if you discover that there isn't enough room for all of the items that you own. Keep the master list near the tool storage area. Make a point of comparing your list with the tools within the boxes. This simple step can be conducted nightly and will help you determine if all of your tools have been put away in the areas you have designated for them.

Maintenance Essentials

Use a can of compressed air to remove dirt from your tools. An inspection process should involve visually assessing the surface of each tool and cleaning each one. Some tools may need to be lubricated. Oil should be used to treat hardware and movable parts that are prone to rust. Check hardware for looseness and tighten nuts, bolts, and other parts, as needed.

Wind up cords and use a zip tie to secure each one. If anything spills onto a tool while it is actively being used, detergent and water should be used to clean it. Avoid using chemicals to clean your tools, unless you are certain that the materials that a tool is constructed of can be cleaned with the chemical agents.

Offsite Tool Services

Some tools that contain blades may be relatively easy to service at your place of business. Purchase spare blades and switch them out as needed. Complex equipment that needs to be charged may require offsite service. A commercial tool maintenance service that is conducted at a separate facility can aid in preserving the life of your tools. Have your equipment professionally inspected, repaired, and cleaned at least one time each year.

For more information, contact a commercial tool maintenance specialist today.


31 March 2022

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