Steps To A Customized Mezzanine Or Material Lift

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Choosing and designing a customized mezzanine lift can be a simple matter of taking a standard lift and changing one aspect, or it can be a more complicated process of designing a lift to fit an oddly shaped space and carry very specialized materials.

Here are some steps to take when planning to buy a customized mezzanine lift.

1. Decide what you need the lift to do

First of all, you need to decide whether you need a mezzanine lift (one that can move personnel and materials between floors) or just a material lift (one that moves materials only). 

Next, consider the type and size of the materials you'll plan to move with this lift. You need to plan for a custom lift large enough for the largest items you'll need to move, but not so large that it wastes space in your facility. If you need a lift that's larger or differently shaped than any of the standard options, work with your mezzanine lift supplier to design the best customized version for your needs.

Another consideration is how fast and far you need the lift to travel. For example, if the lift is going to be used constantly, a slow travel time could create a bottleneck in operations. Calculate how much material you'll have to be moved and consider installing a faster or larger lift, or even two lifts if you foresee this problem occurring.

2. Consider the space and resources available 

If you only have a specific amount of space for the lift, you may need to have a lift custom-built to fit those dimensions. You may also be restricted to the type of lift that can fit in a small area. 

You'll also need to consider the resources you have available to keep the lift operative, such as power and maintenance services. Some lifts require more maintenance than others.

3. Keep safety needs in mind

In addition to ensuring your customized lift meets OSHA safety requirements, you'll also want to think carefully about protecting the well-being and safety of workers who will use the lift or work near it. For example, choosing a quieter lift may add less to overall background noise and reduce impacts on workers' hearing. Using ramps so workers can load the lift without hurting their backs is another example.

As you can see, choosing and customizing your mezzanine lift should be a well-thought-out project. You don't want to purchase a customized lift only to find it doesn't meet all of your needs. Get in touch with a customized mezzanine lift company to learn more about the customization process and get exactly the mezzanine you need.


13 July 2021

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