Storing Your Items In A Climate Controlled Unit

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Choosing a storage unit to house your items is a major decision to make, as it can determine whether you will be able to safely store these items without them suffering damages that could degrade them.

Temperature And Humidity Controls

Many of the items that you may need to store in the unit will be prone to damage if they are exposed to high humidity and dramatic temperature swings. If you are needing to store items that will be vulnerable to these issues, it is always important to choose a climate-controlled storage unit. These units will have the capabilities of keeping the interior of the storage unit within a set temperature and humidity range so that you can provide your items with the ideal conditions throughout their time in storage. Electronics, musical instruments, clothing, and collectibles are among the items that can be the most vulnerable to damage from improper storage conditions.

Storage Unit Size

The size of the storage units that are available in the facility will be another key factor. Before you can decide on a size of a storage unit, you will want to consider the number of boxes that will be needed to package your items that are going to be stored and larger pieces of furniture or other items that may be placed in it. When you are calculating the size of a storage unit, you will need to be sure to include the square footage that is needed for the path through the storage unit. Otherwise, it could be exceedingly difficult to navigate through the unit when you are needing to retrieve items from it. This may increase the cost of renting this storage unit, but significantly improving your ability to use this unit will be worth the expense if you are planning to rent it on a long-term basis.

Accessibility And Security Of The Facilities

The accessibility and security of the storage facilities are other factors to consider as you are assessing whether a particular facility will be a good match for your storage needs. It is important to find a facility that will balance your need for easy access to your units at any time while also keeping them secure. Many storage facilities will provide security services or other monitoring to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed into the facility. This is especially important if you are planning to store extremely valuable items in these units or other items that would be at risk for theft.


22 April 2021

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