3 Cost Benefits Of Using A Print Management Company

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If you need to print a lot of documents for your business, then you might struggle to create the volumes and types of print runs you need. You might have to juggle doing some work in-house and outsourcing bigger or more complicated jobs to local printers.

If you outsource all your printing work to a management company, then you streamline your jobs. You also see some tangible cost benefits. What are they?

1. Reduced Material Costs

If you buy your own print supplies, then you won't always benefit from economies of scale. If you use different types of paper supplies because you create a lot of different jobs, then your print costs could eat into your budget.

If you outsource your printing to a print management company, then you benefit from their ability to buy in bulk. They buy more supplies because they print in higher volumes for a range of clients. Plus, they can negotiate better deals from their suppliers. Your buying power increases and your supply costs decrease.

2. Reduced Capital Investment

While some businesses don't have a lot of print equipment needs, you might need more than basic printers and copiers. If you produce high-quality work, like marketing brochures and flyers, then you need high-quality machines.

Plus, if you have unusual print needs, like oversized jobs, then you might need specialist equipment onsite. These machines cost more and, if you have diverse needs, you might need more of them.

If you use a print management specialist, then they invest in technology so you don't have to. You save on capital equipment rental or purchase costs.

3. Reduced Staffing Costs

If you print in-house, then you need people to run the jobs. If you do regular or high-volume jobs, then you might need to employ dedicated print-room staff. This increases your payroll costs. Or, you might allocate these jobs to different employees. They will print to order for you. However, this also has a negative cost effect.

If one of your employees has to leave their regular work to take on a print project, then they take time away from their regular tasks. They can't do both things at once. You might lose productivity at times when you're doing a large or last-minute print project.

If you outsource your printing, then you don't need to employ dedicated staff. Your people can focus on their jobs without having to lose time on print projects.

To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing, contact print management companies and ask about their services.


27 January 2021

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