5 Signs Your Sewing Machine Needs A Repair Or Service

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Whether you're working on a big sewing project for a paying client or just sewing for fun, you need a machine that works well and keeps your project moving forward. Unfortunately, just like any other machine, sewing machines can break down and need repairs. Here are the top signs your sewing machine needs a repair.

1. Strange Noises

If your sewing machine is making weird noises or grinding sounds, it may have parts out of place or may need to be oiled. Don't ignore these noises. If moving parts are allowed to grind against each other, they can wear down and the issue can become unrepairable. 

2. Bunching Fabric

Bunching fabric can indicate a variety of issues and you can address some of them on your own. Make sure that you don't have a plate covering the feed dogs and try adjusting the amount of pressure you're putting on the presser foot. 

If these fixes don't help, you need to take the machine to a repair professional. 

3. Breaking Thread

In some cases, breaking thread can just mean that you aren't using the right type of thread for your fabric. But if you know you have the right thread, you may need to adjust the top and bottom tension as well as the hook-and-feed dog timing. 

You can get all these adjustments when you bring your machine in for a service appointment. 

4. Unresponsive

If your sewing machine is unresponsive or just feels stiffer than normal, you don't necessarily need a repair, but you should consider taking in the machine for at least a service call. 

During a routine service appointment, a sewing machine repair person can help with adding oil, adjusting tension, replacing needles, and addressing other essentials that can help to make your machine work more effectively. 

In some cases, the machine may just need a thorough cleaning. In particular, if you use waxed or glazed thread, gunk can build up in the machine, and dust can also hamper functioning. 

5. Uneven Stitches

If your stitches are uneven or your machine is skipping stitches, try changing your needle and rethreading your machine. If the issue persists, contact a sewing machine repair professional. You may need to adjust the tension. 

Wavy stitches can also indicate a problem. For this issue, try adjusting your technique and make sure you're feeding in the fabric correctly. Alternatively, talk with a professional about replacing your standard foot with a walking foot so that you get more consistency on your projects. 

Contact a sewing machine repair service for more information.


3 November 2020

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