Preparing for Court? 4 Reasons to Use a Legal Videographer During Client Depositions

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If your client is scheduled for a deposition, you've probably arranged to have a court reporter present at the appointment. That's standard procedure for most depositions. But, there's a way to take the deposition one step further; hire a legal videographer. If you don't use legal videographers for your client depositions, you need to start. Legal videography provides benefits that you might not have thought about. Here are just four of the many reasons you need to include legal videography in all of your client depositions.

Keeps the Deposition on Track

If you find it difficult to control the time during your client depositions, it's time to bring in the legal videographer. When there isn't an effective way to control the time, depositions can last much longer than they need to. Unfortunately, that extended time leads to additional costs for your client. Legal videography helps to eliminate wasted time. That's because the camera helps to make everyone aware of the time. 

Reduces Hostile Questioning

When your client submits to a deposition, you know that they're going to be subjected to some level of hostility, especially coming from the opposing attorney. Unfortunately, hostile and aggressive behavior can cause stressful situations for your clients. In fact, those types of behaviors can undermine your client's ability to respond to the questions in an effective manner. That's where legal videography comes into the picture. When depositions are recorded, attorneys are less likely to behave in a hostile or aggressive manner. That's because they don't want that behavior to get caught on camera. 

Helps Your Client Prepare for Court

If your client has never gone to court before, they may not know how to behave in the courtroom. They may also be nervous about the process. Before you head to court, you want to make sure that your client is ready to stand before the judge. One way to ensure that preparation is to utilize the services of a legal videographer during the deposition. Once the deposition is complete, you and your client can use the video to prepare for court. 

Allows for Closed-Captioning

If you're worried that your client's deposition statements will be taken out of context or that they're speaking voice is difficult to understand, you need to have a legal videographer in the room. After the deposition, the videographer can add closed-captioning to the finished video. During court, you can have the video entered into evidence, which will allow the jury to see the closed-captions as the deposition is discussed.


12 October 2020

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