Add Handicap-Accessible Recreational Features To Your Property

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Many outdoor recreational areas cater to people with adequate mobility, and the land may feature steep inclines, dense foliage, and rocky terrain. Installing handicap accessibility ramps and railings will allow you to set up a nature course or an exercise area that people with mobility issues can utilize, and this may encourage more people to take advantage of the recreational activities that are open to the public.

Set Up A Nature Walk

The layout of your property and the amount of activities that are currently offered should be examined prior to deciding what type of accessibility features to add. If you offer nature trails, an outdoor fitness area, and a spot for people to sit down and relax, similar setups that contain handicap features can be added to the property and will provide disabled individuals with the opportunity to participate in the same activities as people who do not have any mobility issues.

A nature walk could include a wooden walking path that is supported by side panels. At the beginning and the end of the walking path, a metal or treated wooden ramp could be installed. Handicap ramps will allow people in wheelchairs to access the premises, and since a sturdy wooden surface will be utilized as the material for people to traverse, walking canes, walkers, and other mobility aids will adequately fit on top of the surface.

Along both sides of the paneling, choose to have safety rails installed. Stainless steel rails that encompass the length of each side panel are waterproof and will act as a safety net during times that people need a little more support while moving along the wooden planks.

Design An Exercise And Sitting Area

Some people who have incurred injuries are confined to wheelchairs or may have limited mobility, which hinders them from running around or bending in a normal manner. In spite of these setbacks, exercising is important and can help these individuals increase their mobility and strength. Design an outdoor exercise area that coordinates pullup or strength training devices with some mobility aids.

Have handicap accessible ramps installed along the sides of the exercise area and choose a handrail design that will be installed around the interior walls of the exercise area. A small seating area can be added next to the fitness section, allowing individuals to rest and enjoy the scenery or to converse with their loved ones while they are using the exercise equipment. 


17 September 2020

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