New To Using CBD Flower? What You Need To Know

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Cannabis is quite a controversial plant, with it becoming legal to use in many states for medical and recreational use. While cannabis is known primarily for its psychoactive THC component, it doesn't have to be used in a way that will get someone high. CBD is the other compound of cannabis, which has medical benefits that won't give you the hallucinogenic side effects from consuming it. Here are some things to know about using CBD.

What Are Cannabinoids?

A marijuana plant contains cannabinoids, or CBD, which are compounds that can have an effect on the body's cannabinoid system. This system modulates a lot of body and mind functions, such as calming your body down when you experience pain and reducing stress. When you consume CBD, it will impact receptors in the body that regulate inflammation, anxiety, pain, and things of that nature. CBD doesn't affect the same receptors that THC does, which can impact your memory, concentration, and coordination. This is how CBD is able to give you the health benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

What Problems Can CBD Treat?

There are many health problems that CBD is known to help treat. One problem that CBD is most well known to help is epilepsy. While research hasn't figured out exactly how CBD is able to reduce epileptic seizures, it is believed that CBD is capable of improving how someone's endocannabinoid system functions by regulating the central nervous system. 

CBD can also be used to reduce stress and anxiety. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you may find that CBD helps reduce those feelings if you take it in the morning, or it could help you go to sleep if you take it at night. People that experience chronic pain may smoke CBD flower due to its anti-inflammatory properties so it can help them with mitigating pain. 

How Can You Use CBD Flower?

CBD flower is not limited to being smoked, since there are many ways to consume it. The benefit of using CBD flower is that you can create a lot of products that you normally pay a premium for, but it will cost you a lot less. While smoking and vaporizing CBD are popular ways to consume it, you can also use it in baking and cooking. Another option is to make a CBD oil that can be taken in a measured dosage. In general, heat is used to activate the CBD in raw flower, which often involves processing it in some way to enjoy the benefits. 


19 May 2020

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