Why Your Power Plant Must Remove Moisture from Compressed Air

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When you decide to implement a compressed air system, you might assume that the system you are implementing will have fewer moisture problems than using a hydraulic system. While this might be true, moisture is always present and you will need to combat moisture problems even when using a compressed air system. 

Air and Moisture

All air in the atmosphere contains some water. When the air or gas cools, it will condense and form water. The dew point is the temperature at which the air can no longer hold water. It is important to know what the dew point is so that you can determine how much drying you need.

The Effects of Moisture on Your System

Moisture can cause a lot of damage to a system. Metal and electronics can corrode, which can cause the system to not function properly. The corrosion can also lead to air leaks, which can lead to the system not being as effective. Moisture can also affect the appearance of a system. If the system was painted, moisture can cause the color to fade and can also impact the adherence of the paint. The pneumatic controls might not work properly if there is too much moisture. In cold weather, control lines might freeze. Also, instruments might corrode and this may lead to false readings. 

Moisture and Efficiency

Moisture can also lead to a reduction in productivity for a plant. Dirt, water, and oil are deposited on the inside of pipes and fittings, which can lead to a pressure drop. Water will most likely accelerate corrosion and reduce the operational life of the equipment. If the air is dirty or oily, this can lead to deposits on cylinders, which can lead to them becoming less efficient and can also lead to them needing maintenance more often. 

Removing Moisture

The way to ensure that your compressed air system is dry is to use an air gas liquid drying system. The air is usually dried by cooling it. By cooling, water droplets fall and are collected and removed from the system. This can either be done in a mechanical manner or can be timed. Two bodies of different temperatures are used to perform a heat transfer until an equilibrium has been reached. This is performed through conduction, convection or radiation. If you are using a compressed air system, contact a specialist to have an air drying system implemented at your plant. 


23 October 2019

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