Understanding The Bail Bond Process

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If you are arrested and need to post bail to get out of jail, you may find that raising the cash to pay the bail is not very easy to do. One option you have is to contact a bail bond company to pay your bail for you, but there are stipulations that come with getting a bond from a bail company, so you need to understand the process. 

Arraignment and Bail

Before your bail is set, you will need to attend an arraignment hearing. The judge will listen to the charges and an explanation of the evidence in the case and then determine the amount of bail they feel is relevant to the case. If the judge thinks you are a flight risk, they will set a higher bail than if you are not.

Finding a Bail Bond Company

If you are being held in jail, you may want to have someone on the outside contact the bail bond company for you or talk to the staff at the jail about having a bondsman come to the jail to see you. Most facilities will have a list of bail bonding services in the area and can provide you some phone numbers to call. 

Once you find a company you want to work with, let the corrections officers know that you would like to meet with the bondsman so that they can clear the visit for you. Let the bondsman know what the bail amount is when you call them and give them the case number for your case when you call, so they can look at the bail that was set in your case.

Terms of Release

The rules or terms of your release are not going to be the same with every bail company, so make sure you understand the rules set up by the bail company for your bond. If you do not meet the terms, the bond company can revoke the bail and return you to jail, and if they think you are doing something that violates those rules, they will not hesitate to put you back in jail. 

The loss to the bail bond company could be substantial if you do not show up in court. The company could lose the entire bond amount, so they do not take chances. If something happens while you are out of jail that is going to affect your bond agreement terms, talk to the bail bond company so that they know the situation. 


4 October 2019

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