How To Do Trade Shows When Your Products Are Too Large Or Intangible To Transport

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Trade shows are the way to go when you are trying to get customers to buy what you are selling. They are also a great way to see what your competition is doing. However, if your products are so large that they would never fit in a single trade show booth space, or they are of the intangible sort (i.e., software, internet apps, etc.), there are still ways to make the demos fit your booth space and make customers salivate at the prospect of buying what you are selling. 

VR Headsets Are Not Just for Video Games Anymore

Some of the trade show booths you see with competitors may look bland and boring, until you look closer. They may have a few brochures explaining stuff, but what catches the eye are the VR headsets. If you are curious enough, ask to try one on. You will immediately see why they have an edge. 

Younger people are immediately familiar with virtual reality through the world of video games. VR allows the headset wearers to enter a world that would not be possible in reality. There is infinite space, and within that space, a lot of things can be created. For the trade show booths that incorporate VR, they can take their products into the virtual world and let consumers test them there. There is no need to try to squeeze an oversized product into one or two booth spaces, there is less expense because the VR headsets do all of the work, and everyone who walks by to see these headsets cannot resist trying them on to see what is being offered. Even test runs of software in a virtual office space are possible if you know how to design and build that world. 

Setting up Your VR Trade Show Booth

Minimum equipment is required. You will need at least four headsets to keep up with high traffic times. You will also need four VR gaming machines or computers loaded with the correct program software to conduct consumer-directed interactions. You really have very little work to do besides monitoring what is happening and guiding consumers through what they are seeing with the headsets on. A few tables, and a couple of chairs if you are not fond of sitting all day, plus some informational brochures and/or promotional gifts is all you really need. To get started on your own VR trade show program, hire a tech consultant today.


17 June 2019

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