Wood Decking Is Out; Composites Are In

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A few decades ago, when you told someone you were going to build a deck, you would both visualize the same thing: a deck made from wooden boards. Today, things are different. Although people are still building wood decks, wood seems to be on its way out as a decking material. Composite materials made from wood fibers and plastic binders seem to be the new deck materials of choice. Why are they becoming so popular while wood is being phased out? Here's a look.

Composite decking does not become slippery.

If you've ever had a wood deck, you know the precarious feeling you get when stepping onto it for the first time in the spring or after a storm. Wood easily grows mold and algae, which make it slippery when wet. Slipping and falling on a wooden deck is dangerous, and the prospect of doing so makes your deck less enjoyable. Composite decking is designed to resist algae growth, so it does not become slippery when wet. This is definitely an advantage if you're older and cannot risk falling or if you simply want to be able to walk across the wet deck without feeling like you're on a slip-and-slide!

Composite decking does not require staining.

Staining and sealing the deck used to be a responsibility that homeowners spent at least one weekend on each summer. That's a weekend you could have spent traveling with friends or attending a barbecue! With composite decking, you never have to scrape, stain, or seal the material. You can clean it simply by hosing it off and giving it a light scrub. This will save you so much time, summer after summer.

Composite decking is made from reclaimed materials.

Eco-friendly and sustainable materials are all the rage these days. Wood, while natural, is not always the most eco-friendly material since trees are obviously knocked down to obtain it. Composite decking, on the other hand, is largely made from wood fibers that would have otherwise been tossed away. These wood fibers are a side material left over after making windows, flooring, and other wood products. They exist anyways, so why not make them into decking?

There's no doubt about it: wood is on its way out as a decking material, and composite is only becoming more popular. If you're thinking of putting up a deck, make sure you contact a company like Vassar Building Center that works with composites. You won't have a slippery deck or a lot of maintenance to do, and you'll get to use reclaimed materials.


26 April 2019

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