Three Reasons Why You Should Grow Chestnut Trees

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Chestnut trees for sale are becoming more common. You may have heard of the old Christmas tune that mentions "chestnuts roasting on the open fire," and that has a little something to do with it. People are keenly interested in old world traditions that have died out in the modern age. They are looking to revive those traditions, if for nothing else but to see what the fuss was all about "back in the good ol' days." Aside from that, there are plenty of reasons to grow chestnut trees. 

For Food 

​Nine different varieties of chestnut trees are grown all over the world. Their primary purpose in other countries is food. The roasted nuts are quite edible, and are even better tasting when sprinkled with spices and a hint of sugar. Cooked and ground chestnuts make an excellent flour. The chestnut flour is used in baking in many different countries. In some countries, where potatoes will not grow, have failed to grow, or are lacking in people's diets, the chestnut makes up for it. Just be careful that you do not try to cook and consume horse chestnuts, which are poisonous, even though they are related to the chestnut tree family.

To Attract Wildlife to Your Yard

Chestnuts are a favorite nut of squirrels and a few other wild animals. Growing a chestnut tree is akin to "growing animals" because you can practically guarantee an influx of wildlife the minute the tree begins dropping nuts. It makes for a fun and peaceful morning reverie to watch animals scramble for the nuts and watch the animals sitting and perched somewhere eating the nuts, too.

For Shade

​Chestnut trees grow immensely tall and spread out their boughs, branches, limbs and leaves to the point where they can shade half a house or more, if they are growing close enough to it. The older the chestnut tree gets, the taller and broader it grows. Eventually, a single chestnut tree can provide so much shade that you will never need to worry about how cool you need the thermostat set to. The tree has essentially grown to the point where it increases home cooling efficiency by a dramatic amount. Ask your tree expert or landscape specialist how a chestnut tree can effectively provide you and your home with enough shade to help you stay within your heating and cooling budgets all the year long.


11 December 2018

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