Four Tips To Help You Choose Grommets For Your Drapes

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You can add life to your drapery display with grommets. Not just with any grommets, but the right selection. Grommets add a sense of style to your drapes and ensure that they fall symmetrically. If you plan to hang new drapes in your home, here are some grommet selection tips that can help you get started. 

Width of the Window

Consider the width of the window that you plan to cover. Typically, the wider the window, the larger the grommets you want to install, which also means the fewer the grommets you need. If you install small grommets over a long drape covering, the drapes can look tacky with all the brackets at the top. While the decision is one of personal preference, if you have too many grommets, they can distract the eye from the drape and instead focus it on the grommets. 

Room Décor

Keep the décor of your room in mind when you choose grommets. Ideally, you should think of the grommets, in the same manner, you would any other accent in the room in that it should be complementary. To align with this goal, look for different elements in the room and try to match your grommets. For example, if you have elements of gold in the room, you probably don't want to choose silver grommets. Gold would be the better option. 

Width of Fabric

Make sure you keep the width of the fabric in mind. Remember, that the grommet must fit around the drape fabric. For this reason, if your drapes are a heavy-weight insulated fabric, you need to choose a grommet that is also thick enough to secure the fabric. A thin grommet would not properly close over the fabric, which could cause it to slip out. If you must use a thinner grommet, keep in mind that you will probably have to use several of them to properly secure the drape.

Rod Style

Don't forget to consider the type of rod you will hang your drapes on. First, just like the grommets should match the room, they should also match the rod. Ideally, you should try to find grommets that perfectly match the look of the rod. Second, ensure the grommets are wider than the rod. If the grommets fit too closely over the rod, you will have a hard time opening and closing the drapes. 

Each of the above tips can help you make a selection that fits well with your décor and helps you maximize the look of your drapes. Contact a shop, like Beacon Fabric & Notions, for more help.


11 December 2018

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