On The Way To A Sale: Ensuring Your Horse Goes To The Right Place

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Selling a horse is usually a happy occasion, depending on the reason for selling the horse. Whichever reason sits behind your decision to send the horse away, though, you want to be sure that the horse goes to the right buyer.

Matching Personalities

If your horse has a unique personality, like needing to be one of just a few horses (so it gets more attention, for example) or being a bit choosy in who it will carry for rides (you know horses who do this), disclose these traits so that the horse goes to someone who can handle those traits easily. It takes certain buyer personalities to work with these issues, and you don't want to send a horse who wants more attention with someone who is going to place the horse with a large herd. Even if you need to sell the horse fast, waiting for the right buyer will make you, the buyer, and the horse a lot more comfortable after the transaction is done.

Avoiding Kill Buyers

One of the risks of selling a horse at an auction yourself is that there are buyers out there who look like they'll care for the horse -- but they're really buying the horse to slaughter it for meat. These are called kill buyers. Some are well-known in the horse world, but others are not so well known. And don't be fooled by a kill buyer who claims this helps horses overall -- the horses often endure abusive conditions on the way to slaughter. Your best bet is to work with an auction company that does not allow kill buyers to bid, work with a horse sales broker who knows his or her clients well, or to talk to your network of horse-owning friends about non-kill buyers looking to buy a new horse.

Dealing With Age Issues

One special note if you were considering selling your horse because it is getting older and you are unable to provide the care it really needs now: You may be able to board the horse at a retirement boarding facility. Selling an aging horse just due to age can be confusing for the horse, who has likely spent a good part of its life in your care. But a retirement facility -- these are real -- will not only have vets and carers who have experience with aging horses, but they may also allow you to visit. That helps the horse keep a connection with its past.

Selling a horse can take some time. But the payoff is that the horse can go to the right person and the right place and have a very good life.


26 March 2018

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