Four Reasons Why You Should Install Additional Insulation

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Your building's insulation is designed to insulate the interior of your building from exterior temperatures throughout the year. However, many buildings are not properly insulated, which can have a marked effect on your building. Understanding some of the benefits associated with installing additional insulation within the walls and ceiling of your building can help you decide if you should contact an insulation contractor to examine your existing insulation to identify potential under-insulated areas that should be addressed.

Increased Comfort Level

One of the main advantages associated with installing additional insulation within your building is the fact that a properly insulated structure will not exchange heat with the environment around it. This means that you will have less heat seeping in during the summer and less heat seeping out during the winter, which means fewer drafts and cold spots and an overall increased comfort level within the building year-round.

Reduced Energy Bills

In a very similar vein to the above point, reduced heat exchange between the interior and exterior of your building will also reduce the amount of stress that the building's air conditioner and furnace are placed under. Since the interior temperature of your building will be maintained over a longer period of time, both of these central HVAC appliances will have to work less often and less hard to provide climate control to your building, reducing monthly utility bills. This has the added benefit of also making your building more sustainable and green, since you will be using less power over time.

Reduced Noise

Additionally, increased amounts of insulation within your building can help protect the interior from exterior noise, an important consideration if your property is located near a school or major transportation route. Additionally, insulation can help protect against noise between rooms within your building, which can help make it easier for people working in offices to concentrate.

Air Quality

Finally, additional insulation applied within your business can help filter out pollutants and airborne contaminants which may enter your building. This is because insulation effectively acts as a single large filter, and can fill up gaps between the walls and ceiling which may allow for exterior substances to enter your property. Keep in mind that different types of insulation material can provide better filtration than others: be sure to talk with a contractor to see what your best option is if air quality is a concern for you.

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13 February 2018

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