3 Tips For Protecting Your Things From Accidental Fires When Kept In A Storage Unit

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Regardless of whether you fall among the 13% of storage unit renters who are only keeping their unit for less than 3 months or the 30% who indeed to keep the unit for more than two years, one thing is for sure. You should always be prepared and do your due diligence in implementing measures that will protect your things in the event of unfortunate events like accidental fires. Fires can spread quickly within a unit and can quickly do substantial and irreparable damage to your things. On top of purchasing adequate insurance coverage, here is a list of 3 additional things that you can do to protect your things from accidental fires.

Make Good Use of Fireproof Safes or Other Equipment You Might Already Have in Storage

If you are storing items that are particularly valuable in a self storage unit, then consider whether it will be worth it to pay for a fireproof safe. Different models and designs are capable of withstanding different temperatures for varying times. For example, safes that are rated at 350, 1 hour can maintain an interior temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit for at least one hour even if the outside temperature exceeds 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Some fireproof safes even offer some type of protection against magnetic interference to protect digital data.

If you don't have a fireproof safe in your possession or if you don't want to splurge on a fireproof safe, consider putting some of the more sensitive items in a freezer that you might have in storage. Freezers tend to have a survival rate in the fire and will provide some protection from fire damage.

Give a Key or Your Passcode to the Storage Manager

In the event that a fire does break out in the storage facility, the storage facility manager or staff members might have time to move some of your items out of the storage unit if the units nearby are on fire. Make sure that you give the storage facility permission to access your unit in the event of emergencies. There should be a clause included in the rental contract that specifies the situations when the storage members can enter your unit.

To allow the staff members easy access to your unit, provide them with a copy of your key. If the storage facility relies on electronic fobs, provide your passcode to them.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher By the Entrance of Your Unit

Another good tip to protecting your items from fire damage is to keep a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place in your unit. In most cases, this will be near the entrance. Don't place the fire extinguisher at the back of the unit, as no one wants to risk their life venturing into your unit to look for the fire extinguisher. Keep in mind that you should check with the storage facility to determine whether storing a fire extinguisher within your unit is permitted, as some storage facilities restrict the type of items that you can store within your own unit.

If you choose to keep a fire extinguisher in your unit, make note of the shelf life of the fire extinguisher and when it expires. Most industry experts recommend replacing non-rechargeable fire extinguishers every 7 years or so.


It's never too much to equip your storage unit with the defenses it needs to withstand unfortunate accidents and events. While accidental fires tend to be rather uncommon, it's better to be safe than sorry. Protecting your storage unit from accidental fires only takes several minutes, but it will pay off tremendously should the unexpected occur.

For more information and options to protect your unit, contact storage facilities in your area, like I-70 Self Storage.


15 March 2017

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