Want A Pond But Worried About Ending Up With A Pricey Hole Instead?

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If you've always dreamed of spending time relaxing by (or boating on) your very own pond, you may have finally started to make an effort to turn this dream into a reality by hiring a contractor, having your buried utility lines marked, and taking other steps toward construction. However, all your careful preparation may be for naught if your new pond is located on a part of your property that doesn't hold water well. What can you do to avoid installing an expensive and unsightly lawn hole? Read on to learn more about the preparatory steps you'll want to take to ensure your newly constructed pond holds water.

What will you need to do prior to selecting your new pond site?

Although ponds have been successfully installed in just about every type of environment that receives some regular precipitation, there are some steps you can take during the site selection process that can improve your odds of a well-hydrated pond without requiring you to perform nearly as much work. Before choosing a site, you'll want to examine:

  • Soil

Ideally, your new pond site will be supported with dense soil that has a high clay content. This clay soil is much more impermeable to water and makes the installation of a pond liner easier than looser topsoil or loam. If you have a choice between several types of soil when constructing a pond, it's almost always best to choose your highest-clay option.

  • Runoff and angle

One of the best ways to quickly stock your pond with water (without hiring a truck or running a hose from the nearest spigot) is to place it in a location where the runoff naturally travels. If you have a depression or low point in your yard that tends to become marshy during extended rainy periods, helping this process along by excavating a pond in this spot can ensure that your new pond will never run dry. 

What steps will you need to take after your pond has been excavated? 

Once your chosen spot has been excavated, you'll want to install a pond liner to help your new pond retain water. After your pond has filled, the weight of the water should help compress the surrounding soil, minimizing drainage and contributing to the growth of algae and other components of your pond's ecosystem. 

For the best results, you'll want to use a rubber-based liner; unlike plastic liners, rubber liners are thicker and more impermeable to water and silt. 


13 March 2017

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