Three Times That You May Find Multiple Opportunities For Contract Work

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Obtaining representation from a staffing agency, like Bishop & Company Inc, can open the door to finding the perfect career match for you — all without going through the difficult and draining process of job hunting yourself. While a staffing agency can find the right candidate the right position at any given time, there are often times that it may be easier to find employment, even on a short-term basis. A short-term contract gives you a chance to prove yourself to the employer and the staffing agency and may lead to subsequent contract work. Here are three times that you may find plenty of opportunities for work.

Around The Holidays

Many organizations experience a staffing shortfall around the holidays, as a large number of permanent employees use up their vacation days. This can leave the company needing to fill its ranks, if even for a few weeks, and many companies will turn to staffing agencies to address this need. If you commit to being available over the holidays, you'll have a good chance of getting a short-term contract. When you contact your staffing agency, make sure to highlight your availability at this time of the year, as it will be an asset for you.

Over The Summer

Just as many employees take vacation days around the holidays, they also take time away from work over the summer. In order to avoid experiencing a decrease in productivity, the organization will often opt to hire short-term contract workers who can fill the void left by those who are soaking up the sunny summer months. A contract worker who can commit to filling the length of his or her contract will be a valuable asset to the staffing agency, as many contract workers may also opt to take vacation at this time of year. This could leave your agency with many positions to fill, which bodes well for you.

Near Fiscal Year-End

Different companies have different fiscal year-ends that don't necessarily correspond with the end of the calendar year. For example, some organizations, including the federal government, will consider their fiscal year-end to be the end of September. As the fiscal year-end approaches, managers will assess the state of several projects. If it's deemed that some projects may fall short of completion by the end of the year, the organization may reach out to staffing agencies to add contract workers who can help the projects get completed on time.


13 March 2017

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