Go Pro: 5 Tips To Connect With Your Audience At Your First Private Belly Dancing Gig

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Belly dancing's a provocative art form that's ancient, spiritual, and relatively new in the United States. Now that you've decided to book your first private professional gig, you'll have to wow your audience to keep those gigs coming. Belly dancing gigs are more than business affairs: it's the art of audience connection--and here's 5 tips to engage them.

Express confidence in your ability to connect with your audience. Act as you've been doing private gigs forever and your audience will believe you. Come out dancing with an engaging smile. Make eye contact with your guest of honor and make your guests feel as though you're dancing for them alone. Belly dancing in and of itself expresses confidence through charming, winsome movements just made to connect.

Dress appropriately for the audience. Being easy on the eyes without revealing too much skin is not sexist, it's good business. Dressing in traditional garb is part of the belly dancer experience. But if you're giving a performance where kids will be present, you don't want to wear skimpier clothing. People enjoy colorful characters. Dress for the part and allow your dancing to take center stage.

Choose music wisely. Music engages the soul as well as the body. Your music should reflect the occasion, yet give your audience ways to stretch their usual musicality. Introducing music from other regions of the world, along with the appropriate costumes will keep your audience wondering what's next in your repertoire.

Engage your guest of honor. Have them dance with you. Children tend to be less inhibited than adults and love trying new dance moves. Once the kids get out on the dance floor, often grown-ups follow. If it's an adult party, think safety first. It's actually best to come with an escort or a friend. Never engage past your comfort level.

Handle hecklers. Yes, hecklers exist at private gigs, not just at clubs. Don't allow a heckler to interrupt your performance. Again, think safety first and always be the consummate professional. Don't allow a heckler to invade your personal space. Step back. Never be afraid to leave for safety's sake. How does handling hecklers connect you to your audience? When people see that you conduct yourself in a confident, professional manner, they know they would be getting their money's worth should they book you for a gig.

Connecting with your audience in an entertaining, professional way promotes word-of-mouth marketing that gets gigs. Business is the art of the connection. Dance with it!


13 March 2017

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