5 Questions To Ask When Renting A Forklift For Your Construction Work

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If you are planning any type of construction project, one type of machinery you or your crew will most likely utilize is a forklift. A forklift is used to lift and move heavy items. If it is a one-time project you're planning, you might do best by renting this piece of equipment rather than buying a forklift outright. However, before you set out to rent a forklift from a construction equipment rental company, you should ask a few very important questions. Here are key questions to put out there:

1. What Is the Weight Capacity of the Forklift and the Maximum Fork Height?

Consider the weight of the load you will need to lift or move, then be sure the forklift you choose to rent will support the load. It could be hazardous to exceed the maximum load capacity, so get the facts beforehand. It's a good idea to check the load-capacity data plate on the vehicle itself. The data plate will confirm this important information for you.

Knowing the maximum fork height (sometimes referred to as lift height) is equally important. A forklift with a lower height may not have the heavy load capacity of a forklift that is equipped with a taller mast. Be certain the forklift you rent has the proper height for your load and facility.

2. What Type of Tires Does the Forklift Have?

Different floor surfaces and environments call for specific types of forklift tires. If you're using the forklift indoors or on a paved surface, you'd probably do well with rubberized cushion tires, as these offer a smaller turning radius. Solid pneumatic tires are suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Keep in mind that pneumatic tires may not offer the smooth riding experience that cushion tires tend to do, especially when riding on a paved surface. If you are using the forklift on rough terrain, request a forklift that is equipped with air-filled pneumatic tires, as these are generally more durable and best suited for this type of environment.

3. Is the Forklift Powered By Gas, Diesel, or Electricity?

Forklift rentals may include machines powered by gasoline, diesel, or electricity. If you are renting a gas or diesel model, you may be responsible for the cost of fuel. Also, you might want to consider the risk of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) igniting and causing a fire, should a gas leak occur. Also, you will need to use a gas-powered forklift in a well-ventilated environment. Electric forklifts are more environmentally friendly, although it will take many hours to recharge the battery. Diesel-powered forklifts are typically easier to operate, although they tend to be noisier than the other options. They are good for lifting heavy loads, although, much like gas-powered vehicles, you will need adequate ventilation when using a diesel forklift.

Think of it this way: If you're working in a small or enclosed area, consider renting an electric powered forklift. Gas- and diesel-powered vehicles are best suited for outdoor use. Ask questions relating to various models, then weigh the pros and cons.

4. Can This Forklift Be Rented on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Basis?

Because various construction projects call for different completion times, you may have specific requirements. You wouldn't want to pay a monthly rental fee for a forklift rental you will only use for a week. In addition, you need to ask how much advance noticed is needed when renting your preferred vehicle.

5. Is the Forklift Damaged in Any Way?

It is imperative that you inspect the forklift before your rental. If damage is noted, get it in writing, so you will not be held responsible when you return the forklift later.  


13 March 2017

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