3 Upgrades To The Family Rowboat To Get It Ready For Summer

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If you have an old family rowboat at your vacation home, and you are looking to get it ready for the upcoming summer season, then the following list will help you get ready for the season.

Repair The Oar Lock Sockets

You don't want to get out on the lake and find that the oar lock sockets are loose. This can result in the oars falling off into the water. The sockets are what keeps the oar locks in place, and if the sockets are no longer firmly attached to the hull, then you're at risk of losing your oars. Not only is this a problem since the oars can sink underwater and you're out good money, but you will be stranded in the middle of the lake. So, double check the sockets and make sure they are attached firmly. If they are loose, and they are attached with bolts (on a wooden hull for instance) then tighten up the nuts on the bolts. If, however, you have an aluminum rowboat and the sockets were welded on, then you will need to bring the boat into a boat repair ship. You don't want to try and drill holes into your aluminum boat since you can cause a crack that can ruin the craft.

Patch Any Holes In The Hull

The next thing to check for are hull cracks or holes. You want to get these treated as soon as possible so that they don't spread. The best way to do this is to invert the boat and visually inspect the bottom. If you do notice any cracks, you should bring it in to a repair shop. Even small cracks can turn into something big. Don't try and repair a crack with epoxy if you're not familiar with boat repair since the cure process is very tricky. Also, an aluminum or wooden hull (as opposed to a fiberglass boat) should not be repaired with epoxy.

Have The Hull Repainted With Fresh Marine Paint

Finally, don't forget to get the hull painted with a new coat of marine paint. This will help preserve the rowboat so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. A good paint job is not just  something you do to make your boat look nice, it actually helps to protect it from the elements. Without a strong coat of paint, the water will begin to rot away at the hull. 

If you have never gotten around to painting your boat, then it's defiantly trim to bring it into a store and have it painted. The painters will strip off any of the old primer and coating and apply a new coat. They will also sand down the hull and smooth out any rough spots, fill cracks, and do other bodywork before the paint is applied, so if you do have a crack issue, it would be a great time to get a new paint job as well.


13 March 2017

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