Three Reason To Rent Your Next Trade Show Exhibit

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Trade shows give you a great way to get your products in front of new vendors and clients, and to have a successful trade show event, you'll want an exhibit that catches attention and makes your business stand out. You may be considering buying a trade show exhibit you can use at your future events, but renting might be the better option for your business. Here are just some of the many benefits of renting an exhibit for your trade shows.

Flexible Design Options

When you purchase an exhibit for your trade show booth, you will be limited to using the same design over and over until you replace it. By renting your exhibits, you can update the look of your trade show booths by simply selecting a new model for each season or each event. This gives you the flexibility you need to keep your brand looking fresh, year after year.

Customization Options

Trade show rentals come with a variety of sign holders and displays you can customize to fit your brand. Work with the rental company to find the right design for you, and then have custom graphics printed to fit the booth's banner and sign holders. This lets you take a plain exhibit space and make it look as though it were designed specifically for your business. Look for booths with additional features, such as brochure holders and flat-screen televisions to give your booth even more customization options.

Unique Sizes And Shapes

You may not always have the same amount of space at each trade show, which mans you'll likely have to adapt your existing display to fit the available space. By renting an exhibit for each trade show, you can ensure you have the design that fits your booth. If you end up with a large space, opt for an exhibit rental with a seating area, which you can use to sit down with potential clients and discuss your products. For smaller booths, consider a portable display with a graphic backdrop to show off your brand logo and a flat-screen TV to show product demonstrations. The representative at your exhibit rental company can help you to determine the right size and layout for your available space and your business needs.

Trade show exhibit rentals are ideal for businesses small and large, giving you the flexibility to choose fresh, unique designs to fit virtually any trade show booth space. Before you purchase a new exhibit for your display, consider all the benefits of renting one to see if it's the right option for your company.


25 February 2017

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