How To Properly Plug An Abandoned Water Well

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If you are not a well drilling expert, then you should consult with a professional to plug your abandoned well. The only time you should consider plugging a well yourself, is if it is an open air well. Old-fashioned open-air wells can be filled in with concrete and stone up to the level of the ground.

These types of wells are very uncommon and the only situations where a licensed well technician does not need to be consulted first. All drilled shaft wells need plugged by an experienced professional.

Method & Materials

To properly plug an abandoned well you need to add a filling material. Only certain materials can be used, plus they must be introduced into the well from the bottom up. This is the primary reason why a professional well drilling crew with the proper equipment should plug a water well.

1. A grout type mixture can be used, or a clean aggregate mix of sand and cement. There are more expensive high-yield bentonite products and other uncontaminated clay substances, which are excellent for larger well shaft sizes.

2. Once a satisfactory filling material is chosen, the process of plugging begins. The crew must first, remove the existing machinery from the surface pump down, including all the casing. As mentioning, one primary risk of leaving an abandoned well unplugged is the corroding of the pipe. Removing the existing pipe is essential.

3. The next step is called a wellbore clean out. This step will clean the vacant space left when the existing equipment is removed. A wellbore clean out is necessary to meet environmental regulations for plugging a water well.

4. Once all the equipment has been removed and the clean out complete, the final step is to fill the leftover space. Filling in the hole, so to speak, prevents contamination from the surface, and eliminates the possibility of groundwater leaching into empty pockets creating the danger of collapse. This final stage is completed up from the original well depth to the surface. If not properly done using the correct equipment, air pockets can remain, which can cause the ground to collapse.

Abandoned wells that not plugged will present a health hazard, plus they can be dangerous. If you have an abandoned water well, it is your responsibility to see that it is properly plugged. For more information on water well plugging, talk to a professional in your area.


24 February 2017

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