How To Address 4 Different Water Quality Issues With Different Water Treatment Systems

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If you do not like the quality of the water that comes out of your faucets, before you purchase a water drinking system, you need to figure out what the issue is with your water. Knowing what the issue is with your water will help you identify the proper treatment method. Here is a quick rundown of different treatment methods, how they work and what types of issues they are designed to address.

Bacterial Disinfection

If your water has been contaminated with bacteria, the best way to treat that is with ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light will kill the bacteria before it gets into your drinking water. You have to make sure that your water is free of sediment in order for ultraviolet light to work correctly. You generally need to change out the ultraviolet light on a yearly basis for it to remain effective. This type of system is set up at the point of entry for your water source.

Dissolved Pollutants

If you have dissolved pollutants in your water, you are going to want to use a reverse osmosis water treatment system that is set up at the point of use within your home. This type of system will remove dissolved pollutants from your water through a filtration system; you will need to change out the filter within your reverse osmosis point of use water treatment system every few months.

Corrosive Water, Lead, & Copper

If you have corrosive water or water that contains lead and/or copper, you are going to want to use an acid neutralization water filter system. This type of system is set up at the point of entry to your water system, so it will filter all the water that goes into your home and remove corrosive elements from the water. An acid neutralization water system uses either soda ash or limestone chips to lower the pH level of your water in order to prevent corrosion within your pipes and plumbing.

Hard Water

If you have hard water, you are going to want to use a water softener that is installed at the point of entry to your water system. Water softeners typically use potassium salt in order to reduce and remove the minerals that make your water hard. This type of water, however, adds additional sodium to your water. The sodium added is really small, but if you have a diet that restricts sodium due to health concerns you are going to want to invest in a water softener that tackles hard water without the use of potassium salt.

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14 February 2017

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