Politically Correct Business Nouns For Those Employed In Your Home

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If you have finally come into your own and have substantial wealth, you may want to hire some help around the house. To do so, you may need to advertise for the professionals you want to hire. The question is, what are the new politically correct terms for these household helpers? The following words and phrases will help you along as you write ad copy for the help you hope to hire.


A nanny can still be referred to as a nanny, but governess is quite outdated. Au pair is preferential to nanny as well, since it sounds higher class and the French are known for some of the world's best childcare providers. Whatever you do, do not refer to any educated childcare provider as a babysitter as that tends to be a little insulting to those who carry degrees in child development and are older than age eighteen.


Unless it is his/her official job title, maids do not like to be called maids. Housekeeper is the more common term, although "domestic engineer" has also proven popular. Of course, this is also based what types of jobs you have this person do. Light cleaning may be a maid, while rigorous daily housework is a housekeeper. If the person just organizes absolutely everything in your home to keep things tidy and comes every couple of weeks, he/she is a "professional organizer," and not a housekeeper. Additionally, you may have a "mother's helper" who is a housekeeper/nanny combo, but in reality he/she does more housekeeping than child-rearing.


Thankfully, a chauffeur is still a chauffeur, unless you decide to call him/her a "private driver." Most people choose to stick with chauffeur. However, you will not have to hire one unless you purchase a big, expensive car that you would rather not drive.


A cook is not a cook. He/she is a chef. When you have a chef in your home, then he/she is a personal chef. When you place an advertisement for a personal chef, then the chef knows that he/she is cooking for the head of household, spouse/significant other, possibly children, maybe extended family once in a while and/or large dinner parties. There is no question as to the expectation of job duties by the chef, and no question as to what you are looking for in a "kitchen domestic." Still not sure how to word things? Contact a domestic staffing service, such as Coastal Estate Staffing, to see how they word their advertisements for open employment.


13 February 2017

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