Understanding Casket Options For Your Deceased Loved One

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In the first few days after a loved one passes, there are a lot of decisions to make and plans to work out. One of the things you'll need to determine is what kind of casket you'll invest in. This is a major decision because it will be your loved one's final resting place. Unfortunately, many people just rush into buying the first one they see in an effort to get things over with. Here are a few things you should know about the styles that are available before you make a final choice.

Metal Caskets

Metal caskets are typically created from copper, stainless steel, carbon or bronze. The most common option is created from carbon. If you're considering a metal casket, you'll have to decide on the wall thickness that you want. You'll also be able to choose between brushed metal or polished finishes for most styles. Metals like copper and bronze are best for corrosion prevention and long lifespan.

Wood Caskets

Wood caskets come in a wide variety of styles, including walnut, oak, mahogany and pecan. You'll be able to choose from a solid wood construction, wood laminate or even one covered in cloth. While a solid wood casket is pretty self-explanatory, wood laminate styles are usually created from plywood and then finished with a laminate strip on the outside. Cloth-covered styles are created from pressboard or something similar, then the core is covered with fabric. You'll have many different fabric choices to consider, including different colors and textures.

Cremation Caskets

Although most people only think about urns when they think about cremation, that doesn't mean that you can't invest in a casket, too. In fact, if you want to have a graveside service for a cremated loved one, invest in a cremation casket. Their style is usually a bit more simplistic because they only house cremains, but they are just as functional and often more affordable. This is an ideal choice if you've decided to bury your loved one's cremains instead of keeping them at home or in a vault.

Understanding the most common casket construction options can help you choose the best model for your loved one. Don't let the overwhelming emotions cause you to rush the decision. Talk with the funeral director about which options they offer and choose the one that your loved one would have been happiest with. Think about his or her personal style and preferences to find the best option. For more information on what kinds of caskets are available, talk to a business like the Elmwood Casket Company.



6 September 2016

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