Justifying The Cost Of A Security Guard

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Staying competitive in today's economy can be challenging. In these tough economic times, justifying additional expenses can be nearly impossible. If you are hoping to make your company more profitable in the future, it may be beneficial to invest in a security guard now.

Here are three reasons why security guards can help you reduce costs in the future.

1. The presence of a security guard can deter shoplifting.

If you rely on retail sales to generate income for your company, the threat of shoplifting is very real. Statistics show that in the year 2014 alone retailers lost $32 billion as a result of shoplifting activities.

When consumers see a uniformed security guard posted inside your retail location, they will be less likely to try and take products that they haven't paid for. This reduction in shoplifting activities can reduce product loss, making your company more profitable over time.

2. The presence of a security guard could reduce insurance premiums.

Insuring your commercial property and retail products can be costly. Insurance companies know that shoplifting activities and other petty crimes can result in significant losses, and the high premiums they charge for commercial insurance reflect these unique challenges your business might face.

Because of the positive effect security guards have on deterring shoplifting, some insurance companies are willing to offer discounts to those companies that employ uniformed security guards. If investing in a security guard will help reduce your insurance costs, you will be able to reduce your monthly overhead costs significantly over time.

3. The presence of a security guard gives consumers and employees peace of mind.

In a world where random acts of violence can often be seen on the evening news, having a uniformed security guard on-site can go a long way toward helping your employees and consumers feel safe while on your company's property.

When consumers know that a trained security professional will be available to address any problems that may arise, they will feel more confident doing business with your company. This perceived level of safety could help you attract more customers, increasing sales and profits in the future.

If you are wondering whether or not you should invest in a security guard to patrol your company's property, take the time to recognize the benefits a security professional could provide. A security guard reduces shoplifting, lowers insurance costs, and can attract new customers. These benefits can easily justify the added cost of paying for a professional security guard.

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1 September 2016

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