A Few Tips to Help Keep Your Heating-Oil Costs Low

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Heating your home can be a rather expensive task for you to have to do. However, it is an unfortunate fact that there are many people that are unaware of the steps that they can take to lower their heating oil expenses. You can use the following few tips to help you ensure that you are keeping your heating oil expenses as low as possible.

Keep Your Oil-Burning Furnace Maintained

The condition of your furnace can be one of the more important factors in determining the efficiency of your heating system. Unfortunately, if you fail to have the system properly maintained and serviced, you can find that it is unable to effectively or efficiently heat your house. To help avoid these problems, you should have your system professionally serviced in the fall. Additionally, you will want to make sure that you are regularly dusting the vents and burner of the furnace to ensure it has sufficient air and fuel.

Prepay for Your Oil

The cost of heating oil can fluctuate dramatically over the course of a year. In particular, it is common for the price of the heating oil to increase during the winter months. To help you avoid these price increases, many heating oil providers will allow you to prepay for your heating oil during the summer months when demand is lower. This fuel is then stored until the winter months when you will need it. Some providers may require bulk orders for fuel pre-purchases, and while the higher initial price may be off putting to you, it can dramatically lower the cost of heating your home for a winter.

Have Your Thermostat Upgraded to A Modern Programmable Model

Your home's thermostat is critical for effectively running the heating system, but upgrading from an older thermostat is an option often overlooked by many homeowners. A modern programmable thermostat can allow you to set specific times for when the system will be active, which can allow you to drastically lower the fuel wasted by heating the house when you are away at work or school. These savings can more than offset the costs of upgrading to this type of thermostat, which will help to make this improvement a worthwhile investment in your home.

If your home is equipped with an oil-burning furnace, it is important for you to understand the steps that you can be taking to reduce the price of heating your home during the winter. By appreciating the benefits of maintaining your furnace and having it serviced, the advantages of prepaying for fuel, and the benefits of opting for a programmable thermostat, you can be more prepared to do things that will allow you to save money. 

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28 July 2016

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