Using Custom Mailers To Set Your Online Business Apart From The Competition

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As an online business owner you can work anywhere in the world, tap into an unlimited stream of income potential, and automate many tasks to minimize wasted time. But even with such a vast market to take advantage of, you can expect to face plenty of competition from similar companies who are also doing business online. Making use of custom mailing tubes, boxes, and other containers is an excellent way to help you distinguish your brand from competitors and impress customers both old and new. Here are four ways to increase the effectiveness of your custom mailers:

Include Your Logo

Create a graphical representation for your business by including a logo on your custom mailing containers. A well designed logo will help build brand recognition and help customers instantly identify packages that are from your company when they are delivered. Your log should be unique and reflect the products or services that your company has to offer. The logo should also correspond to the visual representation used on your website, business cards, and letterheads to ensure that your brand is easily recognized among all applications.

Incorporate a Call-to-Action

Customizing your mailing containers offers the perfect opportunity to present your customers with a call-to-action that will encourage them to make a purchase again in the near future. Inscribe a short request on a flap of the container or in a corner, asking customers to check out your website for new specials in the coming days. Alternatively, you can provide a coupon code and ask customers to use it by a specified date. The idea is to get customers to act and buy again sooner rather than later. Your call-to-action will likely help keep your business fresh in your customers' minds long after they've thrown the packaging away.

Feature Contact Information

It's important to prominently feature the contact information you want your customers to use on your custom mailers to ensure that they don't end up calling a wrong number or emailing the wrong employee to have their inquiries handled. Making sure that your contact information is easily accessible by printing it on the mailers will give customers some peace of mind in knowing that you're just a phone call or email away if they need assistance. In addition to a return address, make sure that your company website, a customer service phone number, and an email address is included.

These tips and tricks should make it easy to attract new customers and make current customers keep coming back for more.  


10 June 2016

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