Tips for Improving Your Cubicle Work Station

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It can be hard to get excited about your workday if you are in a cubicle, especially if you don't even have a coveted window to gaze out of. Fortunately, there are things you can do to liven up and improve your workstation. Implementing a few of these tips will make your job a bit more enjoyable and may even improve your productivity.

Tip #1: Improve the Lighting

Most cubicles are arranged in an otherwise open plan office, which means everyone is subjected to the less than ideal fluorescent lighting in the room. Fortunately, you can use some task lighting to overpower the fluorescent tubes. Consider adding a lamp, either free-standing or a desk lamp, to the space. Fit it with day light bulbs, which will add some warm light to the mix that better emulates the relaxing spectrum of natural light. There are even light strips available that can be attached to the top of a cubicle or placed on the underside of upper desk shelves.

Tip #2: Fix the Ergonomics

There is no need to be uncomfortable at your workstation. First, make sure your computer and desk chair are at the right height. You should be able to sit with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight. Your elbows should be at nearly right angles when typing. If you are hunched over or reaching up to the keyboard, you need to tweak your office workstation. Request a chair that adjust to the right height, which most HR departments will make available to avoid repetitive stress injuries. You can also fit a desk with a keyboard tray to lower the keyboard, or a shelf to raise the monitor, as needed.

Tip #3: Organize and Decorate for Less Stress

A cluttered space tends to be a stressful space. Add necessary storage components to your workstation so clutter is contained. It's best to keep your desktop clear except for necessary items, so move inboxes and files off your main work surface. You can place them on a side table or get a vertical basket that hangs off the side of your desk. Use file cabinets and organizers to further contain and organize your work items. Finally, add a few simple personal touches. A framed piece of art with velcro strips on the back will adhere to the carpeted walls of a cubicle, adding a classy bit of personalization. Low maintenance, low-light plants, such as some succulents, a ficus, or an air plant, are also ways to add some peaceful décor to your workstation.


26 February 2016

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